Mens bowling club

A friendly atmosphere, good humour, plenty of banter and of course some great games of bowls...Eglinton Men’s Indoor Bowling Club play in the United Churches Indoor Bowling League. Running from September to March, the club meet on Monday night for practice and then on Wednesday night for matches at 7.00pm.


The club would welcome new members from the wider community. Perhaps you have played bowls before but are no longer connected to a club. If so, lift the bag down from the shelf, dust the bowls off and get back onto the mat here at Eglinton.


You will be made especially welcome if you’ve never played the game before but are curious about giving it a go.

We would be only too pleased to offer some helpful tuition to potential ‘first-timers’.


Try it out - you just don’t know how good you’ll be!

Mens breakfast

Otherwise known as the ‘Ronseal experience!’


Served on the last Saturday of the month (except December and the Summer months) at 9.00am this is for men - that is, the male of the species and kind of over 18, though proof of age is not required!


It’s all about food - breakfast food! Cereal, including the best porridge made anywhere in North Belfast, if not the world - probably! Toast, fruit juice, tea and coffee. And....a quality cooked breakfast - the usual, eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms, baked beans. Nothing too healthy, you understand!


Then to finish, a short talk from a guest on an important theme which could be life changing. In fact, we offer more than what it says on the tin! So maybe its not a Ronseal experience after all?


But men, we'd love you to come and find out for yourselves.

A new programme is being developed. Check back for updates.

Senior citizens club

"Recycled teenagers" was how someone once described senior citizens!

So if you are a "recycled teenager" and are looking for things to do, why not give our Senior Citizens Club at Eglinton a visit?


It meets fortnightly - 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month at 2.00pm.


What happens at the Senior Citizens Club?


The emphasis is on informality, a chance to chat, have a cup of tea, for those who wish enjoy a board game and maybe from time to time hear a speaker on a theme especially relevant to seniors.


The Club is open to Senior Citizensfrom the community whether they are members of Eglinton,another church or no church at all!


Come along and give it a go!

Womens ministry

Mens Drop In

Every Friday, we'll be opening the church halls between 10am and 1pm as a "drop in" facility for men.

Pool tables, table tennis, chess, draughts, food, newspapers, a casual atmosphere, a bitta craic and an opportunity to get out of routine for a while.

Come along and see what's happening, pass the message on to the men in your life. The more the merrier!