UPDATED  - 17-03-2020  - 2230

It is with great sadness that we report this update:

This afternoon the Presbyterian Church in Ireland issued the following advice to all ministers and Kirk Sessions:

• All congregational organisations and activities should cease until further notice.

• All Sunday gatherings for worship should also cease until further notice.

• Until further notice, steps should be taken to ensure that numbers attending funeral services and weddings are kept as low as possible.

We're assured that this advice will be withdrawn as soon as government guidance permits.

While we weather the storm of these uncertain times, the Kirk Session (including Colin) are looking at how we can continue to encourage worship from home and keep in touch using different methods.

This is not forever. And who of us knows what God will do in the midst of our uncertainty. We will continue to do all we can to be the salt and light He calls us to be in His world.