Rev. Colin Morrison

Colin has been the minister of Eglinton since 1993

Sam Scott

Mens & Community worker

All of these other leaders are volunteers giving their time and serve willingly in the Lords work
There are a number of organisations providing for children young people and adults.
 More details about each organisation can be found here. Youth & children - Adults
Two other  groups which provide meeting points and ministry to men are the Mens Breakfast and the Men’s
Indoor Bowling Club. The club has a committee which organises both the practice nights and the match nights.
Mandy Willis (Music Director)

Mandy leads music in worship Sunday by Sunday supported by a praise band, vocalists and from time to time a choir.

Dougie Crowe (Session Clerk)

Dougie has administrative responsibilities for the Kirk Session which is the governing body of the congregation, leading and overseeing, fellowship, discipleship, outreach, ministry and mission of the congregation.

 (Committee Secretary)

The Congregational Committee looks after finance and Property. 

Ron Bigger (Church Treasurer)

is the person who manages our finance… except for Forward Together in Faith.

Barbara Thompson (Forward Together in Faith)

oversees the financing of a major property Refurbishment project. The work was completed in 2008 but the financing of it is an ongoing financial challenge which the congregation are meeting year by year with great generosity on top of all our other commitments.

David Phillips (Boys' Brigade Captain.)

A large number of Boys  (Year 2 – age 18) most of whom live locally,  are led by our Captain and his officer team. 

Boys' Brigade is an international uniformed Christian organisation.

Lorraine Dalzell (Girls Brigade Captain.)

A large number of girls (aged 3 -18) most of whom live locally,  are led by our Captain and her officer team.  Girls Brigade is an international Christian uniformed organisation.

Jim McCalmont (Youth Club Leader)

 Jim leads a team of people committed to serving the young people of the church and community.

Gary Moore (Youth Fellowship Leader)

 Gary leads a team of people committed to serving the young people of the church and community.

Rosemary Morrison (Women’s Ministry and Sunday School/Bible Class)

Women’s ministry is currently in the early stages of being revised and refreshed & is for women in all ages of adulthood . Sunday School/Bible Class meets during morning worship each week.

Vera Hardy (Senior Citizens Leader)

is in charge of a busy and active group of women who have also been described as  “recycled teenagers”.

Kathryn Wonnacott (Creche)

organises the care of babies and other pre schoolers during morning worship each Sunday.

Pat Rea (Parent and Toddlers)

has responsibility for overseeing a weekly opportunity where carers can chat and children can play.