With government guidance now allowing us to recommence worship services in our buildings, the doors of Eglinton will be opened wide from next Sunday morning for our 11am services.

While this is something we've looked forward to for 15 weeks, it will be different from how we last left it and to try and make it less daunting, we've produced this short video on what you might expect when you arrive at church.

So, whether you were a regular with us before 15th March, or you hadn't been for a while or you've never been in our buildings before, next Sunday is a new beginning for all of us.

Forward together in faith.



For as long as we are unable to gather together, our church family has moved online.



Let's Pray // 28 June 2020 - 04 July 2020

Local needs

·         Pray for the family and friends of Noah Donohoe as they mourn, that they may know the peace of God in the midst of this tragedy

·         Pray  for the bereaved , ill, anxious,  lonely and suffering within the Eglinton family

·         Pray for God’s blessing on all the planning and preparation as we  recommence Sunday morning worship together on 5 July


The homeless

·      Pray for the homeless who have no fixed abode to which to retreat for shelter and safety from coronavirus, asking that God would watch over their lives and help them find help and support.

·      Pray for those who work with the homeless in these days, asking that God would bless and use their work in providing the basic necessities of shelter, food and love in caring community.


Local and global mission

·      Pray for every day opportunities to share how Christian faith makes a difference, the hope found in Christ and the love of God, asking for increasing openness to the good news in many lives.

·      Pray for Tearfund and Christian Aid as they seek to support communities most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, asking that God would use their ministry to bring relief to those who need it most. 


Summer refreshment

·      Pray that we would know God’s refreshment in what will be an unusual summer as interruption to holidays, spending time with others and many of the normal ways in which we find renewal remain.

·      Pray for congregational life this summer, asking that we might know God’s renewal after the stresses of the upheavals of the last few months and the efforts required to adjust to new ways of ministry.


Media and online communication

·      Pray for the media as they communicate the unfolding story of these days and comment on events, asking that God would use this vital ingredient of encouraging rebuilding of normal life and society.

·      Pray for ongoing positive use of online and social media to maintain relationships and to encourage one another, asking that God would help us to grow in harnessing available technology for good.


Economic recovery

·      Pray that God would bless efforts to restore economic well-being and that as we emerge from the effects of lockdown we may do so with greater resolve to create a fairer distribution of wealth.

·      Pray for those most impacted by economic downturn in terms of experiencing daily poverty and diminished prospects, asking that God would protect, provide and open up prospects for the future.



Word for the week // 29 June 2020 - 05 July 2020

Through 1 and 2 Timothy

Monday 29th June

 The worst of sinners                              1 Timothy 1:15-17

Tuesday 30th

Prayers for all people                             1 Timothy 2:1-6

Wednesday 1st July

The value of godliness                         1 Timothy 4:7-10

Thursday 2nd

Beware the love of money                  1 Timothy 6:6-10

Friday 3rd

Fight the good fight                             1 Timothy 6:11-16

Saturday 4th

A  good soldier                                       2 Timothy 1 v. 1-7

Sunday 5th

Remain faithful                                        2 Timothy 3 v. 15-17



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