If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to come to Eglinton Presbyterian Church. We won't hassle you or ‘twist your arm’ to become members.

We aren't out to run up statistics!


I think the best way for you to get a feel for Eglinton is simply to worship with us. Our focus on Sunday at 11am. and 6.30pm. is on worship, preaching and teaching. At the 11am service there is a creche for babies and toddlers of pre-school age as well as Sunday School (for school years 1 - 7) and Bible Class (for school years 8 and 9).


We don’t mind how you dress and we don’t mind where you sit - you will be very welcome.

But before you come, I would draw your attention to something I once read on the homepage of another church website. It applies to Eglinton - and indeed I think it is true of every church!

“This church is full of sinners. Everyone who comes here is one. You'll need to remember that if you associate with us - or you may be unnecessarily disappointed.”